ABRO® Premium Plus Full Synthetic Motor Oil

ABRO® motor oils meet American Petroleum Institute’s latest gasoline engine oil standard:
API Service Category SP. Introduced in 2020, API SP represents a great improvement over API SN category, released 10 years earlier. API SP approved oils are formulated to meet the increasing demands of modern engine technologies.

ABRO® motor oils are formulated with quality base oils and a superior additive package.
They provide superior lubrication and engine protection under all driving conditions. Their low friction formulas help improve gas mileage and protect engines against rust, corrosion, and varnish build-up.

Advantages of ABRO® API SP oils:
• Protects engines under all driving conditions
• Improves gas mileage
• Protects against rust, corrosion, and varnish
• Resists thermal breakdown
• Lowers friction and reduces wear
• Provides longer engine life and improves performance

Some ABRO® API SP motor oils also meet ILSAC GF-6A standard:
• Protects the emissions control system
• Specially formulated to protect gasoline direct-injection engines (GDI and TGDI) against Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI), a potentially catastrophic phenomena that occurs in GDI and GDI engines
• Advanced protection against timing chain wear
• API Resource Conserving Certification: approved in rigorous fuel economy, emissions control and engine protection tests
ABRO® API SP motor oils can be used in Gasoline, Ethanol, CNG, and Flex Fuel Engines.

Sales Locations :
• Shaukeiwan – Wing Fat

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